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What We Do at
Baker Consulting

Baker Consulting is a full service organization with two main areas of focus :


First, we help staff and employees identify and express their authentic cultural voice within the workplace. This profound and critical discovery, initiates a number of positive changes that will dramatically improve employee morale, workforce productivity and a feeling of community and camaraderie within your staff that is imperative in diverse communal environments and the emerging global marketplace.

Second, we provide :

  • capacity building technical assistance and strategic planning to help clarify your organization’s mission, vision, philosophy and infrastructure

  • team building skills to maximize relationships with internal and external partners, stakeholders, and target service communities

  • research and writing assistance to effectively respond to RFPs

  • support to help you initiate and sustain successful funds development campaigns


Our trainings, workshops, and retreats provide both personal and professional growth, paving the way for a more collaborative, supportive, safe work environment and a workforce with tremendously increased productivity and high employee morale.

We design workshops, trainings and retreats that provide a safe space for your employees to be vulnerable and emotive, expressing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs on the key areas of your organization.

Then, using a systematic process, we curate learning experiences using your staffs own knowledge base to develop curriculums, learning communities, and coaching through which your workforce feels empowered, connected, collective, innovative and collaborative.

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Baker Consulting can help you create a self-reflective, responsive, and responsible workforce so that you can better serve your communities.

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