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Consulting & Technical Assistance

Clarify your strategy in the design and implementation of training, interventions, program design, curriculum development, facilitation, executive coaching needs, policies, and initiatives.Using our equity-driven philosophy to advance race, social justice, and belonging in your workplace, we will help you improve your organizational community engagement with internal and external partners and stakeholders through the embodiment of cultural values.

Demystify the processes and procedures needed  to respond effectively and successfully to RFP/I/Q’s. Maximize diversity, equity and inclusion for Governmental bodies and Foundations. Use the embodiment of equity-driven processes to review and implement innovative and creative new ways of doing business and moving away  from the status quo.


Facilitation & Training


Promote emotional intelligence using creativity and engaging all voices. Promote inclusive environments that are not punitive or dismissive while laying a foundation for full participation. This includes retreat facilitation for team building, strategic planning, conflict resolution, relationship building, negotiating critical conversations, conflict resolution and problem-solving, and more

Accelerate learning based on the African proverb of “If you want to go fast—go alone, if you want to go far—go together”. Understanding that we all are entering from different points and groups, we must move together to optimize the learning environment. Gain insight through centering diversity and inclusion and using No Shame/No Blame holistic and Trauma-Informed Care approaches in co-creation, collaboration, and team building.


Curriculum Development

Design curriculum to fit your training needs in a culturally responsive way to maximize participation through co-creation and collaboration.


Learning Communities

Leverage relationships to support an environment for vulnerable conversations on critical topics for optimal learning. Use accountability through adaptive and servant leadership while balancing perspectives and embodying intersectionality.



Support self-reflection, cultural reflection and critical thinking in leadership development and personal development through emotional intelligence

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