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Strength in Unity: Building Bridges in Organizations with READI2B— Baker Consulting

Updated: Mar 12

In a world brimming with diverse talents and unique perspectives, the tapestry of the modern workplace is rich with potential. Yet, this potential often remains untapped, hidden beneath layers of misunderstanding and unrecognized bias.

Enter the story of a once traditional tech firm that embarked on a transformative journey towards inclusivity and understanding through the principles of Racial Equity, Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality & Belonging (READI2B).

The narrative begins in the bustling cityscape where a thriving tech company (let's call it-Apex Innovations) had established its dominance. Yet, beneath the surface of success, a monochromatic culture prevailed, stifling creativity and innovation. The leadership, once proud of their efficiency and productivity, began to notice a troubling trend—talented employees were leaving, and with them, the spark of innovation was dimming.

It was at this crossroads that Apex Innovations encountered Baker Consulting, a beacon of change in the realm of the changing face of DEI. Baker Consulting introduced Apex to a world where every employee's voice could be heard, where every individual's unique cultural identity was not just recognized but celebrated.

The transformation began with workshops and retreats, unlike any the employees of Apex had experienced. These were not mere lectures on diversity but immersive experiences that peeled back the layers of bias and unveiled the rich mosaic of human experience within their ranks.

Through these sessions, employees discovered the power of their authentic cultural voices, and the once static air of the office began to buzz with renewed energy and ideas.

Baker Consulting didn't stop at awakening individual voices; they delved deeper, guiding Apex through strategic planning and capacity-building technical assistance. They reshaped the organization's mission, vision, and philosophy to reflect a commitment to inclusivity at every level. Team-building exercises transformed groups of coworkers into cohesive units, rich in trust and mutual respect. The walls that had once separated departments and individuals began to crumble, replaced by bridges of collaboration.

The impact of these changes was profound. Productivity soared, not through increased hours or stringent oversight, but from a workforce that felt valued, understood, and connected. Employees who had once felt isolated and unheard now found themselves at the heart of the company's innovation efforts, contributing ideas that propelled Apex Innovations to new heights.

As Apex Innovations transformed, so too did its position in the global marketplace. Clients and partners were drawn not just to the company's renewed spirit of innovation but to its commitment to creating a workplace where diversity was not just tolerated but was a wellspring of strength.

The narrative of Apex Innovations is a testament to the transformative power of (READI2B) when embraced fully and implemented with care. Through the guidance of Baker Consulting, Apex became more than just a company; it became a community, a microcosm of the world it sought to serve, rich in diversity, equity, and inclusion. This story is a beacon to all organizations standing at the crossroads, offering a path not just to success, but to significance in the modern world.

We invite you, the leaders who shape the future, to an exploratory session with Kevin Baker himself.

This session is your gateway to understanding how the READI2B framework can tailor a transformation journey uniquely suited to your community service organization's needs. It’s an opportunity to dialogue, to question, and to envision a path forward where every member of your organization feels heard, valued, and inspired to contribute to a shared vision.


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