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Dr. Sharon Knight


Professionally, Dr. Sharon Knight is Chief Executive Officer of DSK-Culturally Responsive Education Services
(DSK-CRES). Her love and passion for education, people, and social justice, made her who she is today: A skilled
multicultural educator, servant leader, and unwavering race and social justice practitioner. Personally, Dr Knight’s
hobbies include retreating to the wilderness, conversations about life, cruising the world, dogs, and motorcycling.
Thus, her commitment to her passions and spirituality, contributes to her capacity to unselfishly support people in
pursuing their passion, finding meaning and realizing themselves as fulfilled beings.
Via a “no blame, no shame” approach to culturally responsive consultation and professional development and
through the lenses of civic responsibility, professional accountability, race and social justice, spirituality, and
wellness, Dr. Knight engages people in meaningful, multicultural, and multidimensional experiences. Such
opportunities guide her customers, family and friends, and strangers down pathways that support them in
discovering their passions, pursuing their purposes, mastering their crafts, and becoming holistic contributing
multicultural beings.
Over 40 years, Dr. Knight has contributed to advancement of education and human service professionals. Her efforts
include collaborations with diverse stakeholders and have resulted in culturally responsive executive level leadership,
skilled multicultural educators, and eradication of preparation, achievement, and opportunity gaps. Dr. Knight holds
a bachelors in sociology-criminology, master’s in leadership and education, and a doctorate in organizational
management and Leadership. Her words of wisdom: Take everything as information, while examining impact on
others and yourself, and make healthy modifications to retain your “Divine” essence and healthy relationships.


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