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Dr. Donald Felder


Dr. Donald Felder, Felder & Associates is a partner on this project. Dr. Felder has national experiences, and over 40 years in education, social services, and community organizing. His area of expertise involves system reform and organizational management. This work entails producing findings, unfolding recommendations, and mounting wide-spread interest to implement plans of actions.

Before stepping into the role of consulting, Dr. Felder received his BA degrees from the University of Washington and a Doctorate from Union University. During this period, Dr. Felder worked for Seattle Public Schools, beginning his career as a 4th-grade teacher, helping 34 children bloom academically. The next year he transferred to Interagency Schools, teaching high school students math and science. Five years later, he became the principal of this school. While recognizing the lack of educational services for students challenged by community dilemmas, and/or learning/discipline issues at schools, he set his sights on developing small learning centers throughout the Martin Luther King County. His reputation as a compassionate teacher, leader, and adviser/coach grew.

Dr. Felder effectively protected the educational rights of struggling students pushed out of traditional schools, including those who were juvenile offenders, and/or in foster care. Under his leadership, a culture was created for teachers and students to thrive jointly. Consequently, Dr. Felder’s legacy still resonates in the operation of these schools, 20 years later.

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